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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Ask4 finds secure and environmentally friendly cabling network down in the sewers

H20 Networks' public sector sewer success spills over into the private sector

St Asaph, UK, 03rd April 2007: When Internet Service Provider (ISP), Ask 4, was looking for a secure, resilient and environmentally friendly way to implement a new communications cabling infrastructure in order to cope with its customers' ever increasing demands, it chose to work with H2O Networks and utilise the local sewer network.

H2O Networks' revolutionary Focus (Fibre Optical Cable Underground Sewer) System allows organisations to use the UK's sewer system to set up their own secure IT and telecom networks with unlimited bandwidth.

Jonathan Hudson, managing director, Ask 4 comments: "With increasing business and consumer demand for up to the minute methods of communication and with increased understanding of convergence and its benefits, organisations are increasingly demanding greater bandwidth. We knew that fibre optic cabling would provide this bandwidth, but wanted a cost-effective way of doing this."

The cost advantages of H2O's network means that not only is it cheaper to install, but it offers a fixed term cost rather than bandwidth tariffs. The bandwidth is hugely scalable and so will cope with the evolution of technology and the capacity this will eat up for the foreseeable future. The deployment process is a least 80 per cent faster than traditional methods, resulting in operational networks within weeks rather than months. Every city and town has ready-made ducts that can be used without causing disruption.

An additional advantage is that the cables lie at depths of up to 5m below the ground, compared with 450mm for conventional cables, making it far more secure, particularly in disaster recovery situations.

Elfed Thomas, managing director, H2O Networks comments: "Our Focus system offers both public and private sector organisations a cost-effective alternative to the traditional method of deploying fibre cable. It offers a fixed term cost rather than bandwidth tariffs, so that when extra capacity is needed, it's there, and the business doesn't incur further connection charges."

The H2O Networks system eliminates the additional connection and fibre charges cable and telecom companies make when extra bandwidth capacity is taken on. Our cable has no restriction on bandwidth with the customer firmly in control and the ability to upgrade at any time."

H2O's business proposition is attracting much praise and interest from the UK's water boards including Yorkshire Water, which is just one of the water boards signed up to the scheme.


For further information please contact:
Rebecca Dean
Insight Marketing
01625 506416

About H2O Networks
Formed in 2002, H2O Networks is a pioneer of deploying dark fibre in the UK's waste water network to enable connectivity to those that have limited access.

The Focus (Fibre Optical Cable Underground Sewer) System from H2O Networks is a fast and cost-effective way to lay cable and link up any location without the high costs and disruption caused by traditional cabling methods.
For further information please visit: http://www.focuss.net

Monday, April 02, 2007
PRESS RELEASE: ApplianSys appoints new non-executive director

New hire brings Easynet and Demon Internet experience

2 April 2007: ApplianSys, which boasts a growing range of server appliances for corporate networks, has today announced the appointment of Grahame Davies to the Board. Grahame has a strong background in the Internet and telecoms industries, as well as many years experience of growing companies in the high growth and technology sector.

As non-executive director, Grahame will play a crucial role in helping ApplianSys to build on its established user and product base. ApplianSys already has an impressive Global 500 customer list, and Grahame's experience working across multiple countries will be vital. "I spent six years as group managing director of Easynet Group plc, and was in charge of organic growth strategy and acquisitions in the UK and mainland Europe. So I have an understanding of the buying processes in European countries," explained Davies. "This is an exciting time in ApplianSys' development. Having just received third round VC funding from the London Technology Fund, it is in a great position to develope its product set and build on the hard work and success it has enjoyed so far."

Over the years Davies has built up impressive credentials in the industry. Before Easynet, he was director of Demon Internet, and has more recently been CEO of ASTRA, another ISP and Telco. He has also been a main board member and funding council chair of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). The IWF is an industry body set up to provide a hotline for reporting child pornography on the Internet and is funded by the Internet industry. Davies is currently non-executive chairman of London Internet Exchange (LINX), the largest and most successful Internet exchange point in Europe.

Mike Clark, CEO of ApplianSys, said: "We're delighted that Grahame is on board. His experience in growing companies will be an important contribution to our goal of being a leading European appliance vendor. Our recent funding injection will enable us to increase investment in product development, customer service, marketing and channel development activities. And with Grahame's assistance we will be able to make the most of this opportunity."


Media contacts:
Natalie Gross/Deborah Leah, Insight Marketing & Communications Ltd
Tel: 01625 500 800
ngross@insightmkt.com or dleah@insightmkt.com

About ApplianSys
ApplianSys designs and manufactures a growing range of server appliance solutions that make IT network managers' lives easier and save them money. Corporate network managers are turning to appliances in increasing numbers, because of the benefits they offer: ease of use, greater security and lower costs.

With modest resources to date, ApplianSys has proven its product and business concepts. It has already established a strong track record with Global 1000 customers across Europe and North America. It has a distinctive approach to products - which has won plaudits from blue-chip network managers; and a distinctive business model that exploits the fragmented nature of the fast-growing appliance market and promises high scalability to investors. ApplianSys develops products based on existing network application software - either open source or from commercial partners. It is already a leading player globally in the DNS appliance market, and in the UK cache market, particularly in education.
For further information please visit http://www.appliansys.com


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