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Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Radware's new AppXML Helps Customers Tackle Web Services and SOA Deployment Challenges
New Application Delivery Solution Extends Radware's Award Winning
APSolute to Provide Security and Performance Acceleration for Web

Bracknell, UK; November 20th, 2007. Radware (NASDAQ: RDWR), the leading
provider of integrated application delivery solutions for business-smart
networking, today announced a new solution, AppXML, designed
specifically for helping customers tackle the challenges of deploying
web services and SOAs. An extension of Radware's award winning APSolute
solution, AppXML is a security and performance driven platform which
provides enterprises with the foundational infrastructure enabling
secure, high-performance XML and web services communications for mission
critical applications.

Although SOA and XML based-web services allow for enterprises to
dynamically integrate their business processes and IT systems using open
standards-based specifications, they leave enterprises open to increased
security risks and performance degradation. AppXML enables customers to
exchange secure web services between enterprise and business partners
and other interactive users whilst providing them with key features to
boost application capabilities. These include:

- Increased Performance Acceleration
o Transforms synchronous web services to an asynchronous (queue-based)
process for delayed batch-processing
o Offloads XML processing from servers and accelerates SSL transport for
web services
o Provides control on invocations per second to manage SLAs with
bandwidth management
o Offloads tasks from application servers to dedicated hardware

- Enhanced Security
o Protects from both non-deliberate and malicious attacks with
industry-leading authentication, authorisation and admission controls
o Secures web services and networks from external and internal threats
by validating XML structure, filtering malicious content, cloaking and
WSDL virtualisation
o Delivers further security of web services of denial-of-service attacks
and scalability to accommodate growing capacity requirements
o Ensures web service message integrity and privacy through schema
validation, SSL decryption, message encryption and signing

- Streamlined Deployment - Facilitated Manageability and Reporting
o Enables faster integration with web services with protocol-mixing of
XML and non-XML traffic, interoperability, XML processing and
o Speeds implementation with minimal disruption to application services
through strong WSDL policy management, proxy-based approach and
interoperability and redundancy support

Amir Peles, Radware's CTO explained, "With the addition of AppXML to
their IT infrastructure, financial services and e-commerce enterprises
as well as government institutions can benefit from better business
agility and IT flexibility. They will be able to react more quickly to
security risks, integrate more easily with their partners, reduce time
to market and benefit from secure e-business process integration."

AppXML is an appliance developed by the coupling of Radware's
award-winning APSolute application delivery platform and Forum Systems'
industry-leading XML Sentry software. Together, and less than one year
after the announcement of their partnership, Radware and Forum developed
a complete solution that enterprises can use to optimise and manage
their web-based activities.

"Radware is the only provider offering a unified load-balancing and web
services platform, reducing the costs of implementing and maintaining
SOA deployments," explained Mamoon Yunus, CTO for Forum Systems. "This
is a logical, strategic approach to enhancing security and increasing
performance of SOA implementation which provides a great return on
investment with low cost of ownership," Yunus concluded.

Enterprises can leverage AppXML by combining Radware's application
delivery solutions which optimises performance and delivers high-level
security. Collectively using AppXML with Radware's AppDirector, an
industry-leading application delivery controller and Radware's AppXcel,
provides a comprehensive set of web services security, acceleration and
optimisation to ensure fast, reliable and secure delivery of
mission-critical web-enabled services and ensures secure and continuous
online business activity.

About Radware
Radware (NASDAQ:RDWR), the global leader in integrated application
delivery solutions, assures the full availability, maximum performance,
and complete security of business-critical applications for more than
5,000 enterprises and carriers worldwide. With APSolute(tm), Radware's
comprehensive and award-winning suite of intelligent front end, access,
and security products, companies in every industry can drive business
productivity, improve profitability, and reduce IT operating and
infrastructure costs by making their networks "business smart". For more
information, please visit http://www.radware.com.
This press release may contain forward-looking statements that are
subject to risks and uncertainties. Factors that could cause actual
results to differ materially from these forward-looking statements
include, but are not limited to, general business conditions in the
Application Switching or Network Security industry, changes in demand
for Application Switching or Network Security products, the timing and
amount or cancellation of orders and other risks detailed from time to
time in Radware's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission,
including Radware's Form 20-F.


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