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Tuesday, September 18, 2007
News: Four new web 2.0 applications helping the smallest economy in the world
> Dot TK Introduces Web 2.0 Applications for Free Domain Names

Renaming of long web URLs with a simple one-click registration process,
new advertising model Buy-an-Eye, Auction Domain for effective online
auctions and free .TK API

London, 18 September 2007 - Dot TK, the company that offers free .TK
domain names, has today released four new Web 2.0 applications. Tokelau,
the smallest economy in the world who owns the .TK extension, sent its
Minister of Telecommunication, the mayor of one of the Tokelau Islands
and the general manager of Teletok to attend the launch today.

With more and more publishing, network and auction sites appearing on
the Internet, the number of visitors to social networks, weblogs and
auction communications is growing enormously. This has increased the
number of very long and complicated web addresses for users. Dot TK
allows everyone to communicate with short and easy-to-remember domain
names, with added value services on top.

With the new Web 2.0 technology, the renaming of existing web addresses
will become more prevalent, according to Joost Zuurbier, CEO of Dot TK:
"Entering a .tk address on the Dot TK website and clicking on the button
is enough to register a new .TK domain name.

"We currently have more than 1.6 million active .TK domain names under
management and that number is growing, with over 10,000 new additions
each day. Individuals are using Dot TK to rename long and complicated
web addresses into easy to remember .TK variants. They are using this to
promote their profile sites or weblogs. Users can choose either free
domains with advertisements on top of their website or a paid variant
without any ads."

For advertisers, Dot TK has introduced Buy-an-Eye. This service scans
the contents of all .TK pages and generates tags and keywords, in such a
way that advertisers can place targeted advertisement. The total amount
of page views currently exceeds 6 million unique visitors every day. The
ad-model is based on the cost-per-view. "We not only sell ads to
advertisers, we also allow them to target their audience with keywords
and tags", adds Zuurbier.

Furthermore, there is a new service called Auction Domain that allows
auction websites to be more effective. The Auctiondomain service scans
the auction-site of the registrant, for example on eBay, and suggests a
corresponding .TK name with that, which is more effective to communicate
with others.

Last, but not least, Dot TK provides a free .TK API service to
developers and programmers that want to incorporate the .TK registration
service within their own applications. The API can be used at no charge
and more information can be found on www.dottkapi.tk

But it is not only the customers of Dot TK that profit from activities.
The group of islands of Tokelau, who own the .TK extension also benefit.
The government of Tokelau participates in the company and the royalty
fees already add double digits to the Gross National Product of the
country. The Tokelau group of Islands also now have a broadband Internet
connection thanks to Dot TK. However, Tokelau still has a lot of
problems, such as climate change, people leaving the country and a
difficult period of independence. Part of the mission of Dot TK is to
help the country with these issues.

About Dot TK
Dot TK is a joint venture of the Government of Tokelau, its
communication company Teletok and Taloha, Inc., a privately held
company. More information about Dot TK can be found at http://www.dot.tk


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