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Wednesday, March 07, 2007
Secure remote access from Vistorm's Global Mobility Service

Oxford, UK, 6th March 2007: Secure remote access is one of today’s biggest corporate challenges. With this in mind, managed security services provider and information assurance specialist, Vistorm, has announced its Global Mobility Service, a remote office and business mobility solution powered by iPass, a leader in global enterprise mobility services. The service is based on the iPass Mobile Office offering and uses the iPassConnect™ universal client as a common user interface for all mobile and remote connectivity.  The Global Mobility Service provides a secure and consistent way for workers to stay in touch with corporate applications whilst out of the office or roaming across borders. 

Vistorm’s Global Mobility Service delivers a secure end-to-end solution for mobile access requirements, with Vistorm experts managing the solution 24x7. This ensures that employees can access email and other corporate applications, wherever business takes them reducing the possibility of a security breach. The service also removes the complexity and unpredictable costs of remote access for organisations and their users by offering budgetable fixed pricing over all access methods. 

“Our Global Mobility Service delivers secure remote access and simplicity of use for our customers mobile users.  Users can roam across borders using multiple connectivity options, including Wi-Fi and mobile data networks with comprehensive reporting and monitoring available on our portal, ” comments Martin Dipper, General Manager - Managed Services, Vistorm. “For the corporate, it has the peace of mind that its business assets are protected by the integration of remote access with our managed VPN gateway, firewall and authentication services.   The differentiation and service value-add for a business comes from the managed element and the ability to roam in a cost-effective manner and receive one invoice for all managed access and security services.”

Stephen Dane, Director UK and Ireland at iPass comments: “Our services let users enjoy a simple and consistent connection experience around the world. iPass Mobile Office spans diverse access technologies which includes the largest Wi-Fi hotspot network worldwide, mobile data and dial access in more than 150 countries. By integrating iPass service with a managed VPN gateway, firewall and authentication services, Vistorm can now offer its customers a leading mobility solution that helps enterprises effectively and securely manage all connectivity requirements of their growing mobile workforce.”

Furthermore, The Global Mobility Service delivers:

The Vistorm integration of access and security services tied with 24x7 support and full reporting means that the customer can outsource every element of their mobile office to Vistorm.


For further information please contact:
Rebecca Dean/Natalie Gross
Insight Marketing and Communications
01625 506416 / 01625 506427

About Vistorm
Founded in 1991, Vistorm is a specialist in delivering industry leading security solutions. Partnering with leading manufacturers, Vistorm combines specialist Consulting, Technology and Managed Services capabilities to offer a complete portfolio of secure infrastructure services and solutions.

Vistorm believes that a clear information assurance strategy is fundamental to good corporate governance. In today’s business environment, stakeholder value can be too easily and often unwittingly damaged by information-based risks. Information capital needs to be compliant, secure, available, reliable and accurate. Without this assurance, there is a real danger of financial loss or damage to reputation.

Vistorm is headquartered in Daresbury, Cheshire with 200 employees nationwide.


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