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Thursday, March 01, 2007
Bournemouth Borough Council links up with H2O Networks to use Council Tax payers money

Council uses UK sewer network for new cabling infrastructure

North Wales, UK, 1st March 2007: Digging up roads for laying pipe and cable, impacts on the environment and happens more than four million times a year at a cost of £1 billion. With this in mind, when Bournemouth Borough Council was looking to implement a new communications cabling infrastructure, the obvious choice was H2O Networks. Utilising the UK’s sewer network, H2O Network’s FOCUS (Fibre Optical Cable Underground Sewer) System solution was implemented in just over one week and has meant that Council Tax payers money is spent on improving local facilities rather than being used for digging up the roads.

Bob Rhodes, IT manager, Bournemouth Borough Council comments: “In partnership with H2O Networks we are making a tremendous cost saving, meaning that we can put Council Tax payers money to better use. Using the sewer network is also a more environmentally friendly way to lay the fibre optic cable, and it makes sense to utilise the existing sewer network that’s right under our noses.”

“Our network was operational in just over a week with no need for us to undergo the complex negotiations that come with getting the permission to dig up roads and pavements.”

The revolutionary new development by H2O Networks allows organisations such as the Council to use the sewer network to set up their own secure IT and telecom network. The deployment process is a least 80 per cent faster than traditional methods, resulting in operational networks within weeks rather than months. Every city and town has ready-made ducts that can be used without causing disruption. H2O’s approach not only allows for quick installation it also provides unlimited bandwidth.

H2O’s business proposition is attracting much praise and interest from the UK’s water boards including Wessex Water Enterprises, which is just one of the water boards signed up to the scheme.

Mike Peacey, commercial manager, Wessex Water Enterprises comments: “We’ve started the system in Bournemouth which is a town with a lot of industry and architectural heritage, so it’s great that we are using our assets to the benefit of local industry and the environment.”

Commenting on the business benefits of the system, Elfed Thomas, managing director, H2O Networks comments: “Our FOCUS system gives organisations a cost-effective alternative to the traditional method of deploying fibre cable. It offers a fixed term cost rather than bandwidth tariffs, so that when extra capacity is needed, it’s there, and the business doesn’t incur further charges.”


For further information please contact:
Rebecca Dean
Insight Marketing
01625 506416

About H2O Networks
Formed in 2002, H2O Networks is a pioneer of deploying dark fibre in the UK’s waste water network to enable connectivity to those that have limited access.

The Focus (Fibre Optical Cable Underground Sewer) System from H2O Networks is a fast and cost-effective way to lay cable and link up any location without the high costs and disruption caused by traditional cabling methods.

For further information please visit: http://www.focuss.net


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