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Tuesday, February 13, 2007
PRESS RELEASE: ApplianSys secures next funding round

ApplianSys secures next funding round

Funding will accelerate the development of its product portfolio and distribution

ApplianSys, which boasts a growing range of server appliances for corporate networks, has today announced ambitious plans for expansion following the completion of its third VC funding round. The investing syndicate was co-led by The Capital Fund and the London Technology Fund and includes several private investors.

The company's impressive Global 500 customer list convinced investors that ApplianSys has hit upon a winning formula with network managers, within the fast-growing appliance market. The investment will fuel accelerated expansion via increased investment in product development, customer service, marketing and channel development activities.

Mike Clark, CEO of ApplianSys, explained: "We've always believed in the appliance ideal. The company was founded by people who had felt the pain of managing thousands of servers in large organisations. The appliance medicine makes network managers' lives easier, reducing costs and eliminating headaches." The company aims to differentiate its products by focusing on core "appliance values" - simplicity, security, robustness and affordability. "Vendors are too easily sucked into the usual feature-creep cycle. Our customers are explicit - they don't want to pay for features they don't need. They don't want the headaches that come with unnecessary complexity."

Once the company extended this thinking beyond products to service, sales started to take off across Europe and the US. "We've come to realise that their pains are not only technical. Selecting and procuring network technology inside large organisations can be a real headache for those involved. Articulating our mission as 'making network manager's lives easier' - and driving our people to look for ways to do that - helps us win business. What this funding allows us to do is bring more good people into our business so that we do that better and faster for more customers. We can now accelerate towards our goal of being a leading European appliance vendor."

David McMeekin, chairman of the The Capital Fund and London Technology Fund, said: "We are delighted to have the opportunity to support this exciting company as it builds its presence in the global market for server appliances".


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About ApplianSys
ApplianSys designs and manufactures a growing range of server appliance solutions that make IT network managers' lives easier and save them money. Corporate network managers are turning to appliances in increasing numbers, because of the benefits they offer: ease of use, greater security, reliability and lower costs.

With modest resources to date, ApplianSys has proven its product and business concepts. It has already established a strong track record with Global 500 customers across Europe and North America. It has a distinctive approach to products - which has won plaudits from blue-chip network managers; and a distinctive business model that exploits the fragmented nature of the fast-growing appliance market and promises high scalability to investors.

ApplianSys develops products based on existing network application software - either open source or from commercial partners. It is already a leading player globally in the DNS appliance market with the DNSBOX range, and in the UK cache market, particularly in education. It is building a broad portfolio of network solutions in appliance form. The latest addition to the portfolio - AUDITBOX - is already gaining ground in the burgeoning Vulnerability Assessment (VA) market.
For further information please visit http://www.appliansys.com


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