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Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Vistorm and Reed Professional Services bring security expertise to the market

Partnership brings scalable and flexible Information Assurance

Oxford, UK, 13th December 2006: Managed security services provider and information assurance specialist, Vistorm, has created a virtual security practice with Reed Professional Services (Reed PS), the leading provider of business and IT consulting services to the top tier of UK industry.

The partnership - implemented as a true network business model - allows each of the companies to benefit from the other's expertise. Vistorm gains a virtual partner practice, enabling greater scalability and bandwidth for the security services that is offered to its clients, while Reed PS creates its own specialist security practice.

During the first year, Vistorm expects to deliver more than 5,000 man days of highly skilled engineers on projects of 3-6 months. This more than doubles its previous capability.

Of the partnership, George Walker, Managing Director, Reed PS, said: "This is a very important partnership for Reed Professional Services as it means that we can now offer a specialist security service to our clients, benefiting from Vistorm's specialist security expertise and reputation in the market, and means we have a joint approach to taking this offer to market."

According to Jim Kent, Chief Executive of Vistorm, the agreement has been driven by increasing awareness of the need for an information security strategy from its clients.

"Our clients face ever increasing security threats. The implications of good corporate governance means there is a need for a clearly thought through Information Assurance strategy, without it, how can any company have confidence. Recent experiences in the Financial Services and Public Sectors only serve as reminders that securing the information assets of a company is vital."

"Vistorm is experiencing increased demand for its services and we have responded to that increase by ensuring that we have an industrial strength delivery capability which continues to deliver the right consultants. This partnership will allow us to benefit from a scalable set of skilled professionals which directly supports our clients and our business needs."

Vistorm, formed in 1991, has experienced 13.5 per cent year-on-year over the past two years, and is targeting 26 per cent growth in the current year. It has a portfolio of impressive clients, including, Liverpool Direct Limited, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust and CODA.

Reed Professional Services was started in 2003 and has since become a market leading consortium brand delivering Business & IT Consulting services to the top tier of UK and US industry. Passionate about leading a transformation in collaborative solutions partnering our ethos, formed to meet the market demand to "get things right - first time", has rapidly acquired Reed PS a high profile delivery reputation.


For further information please contact:
Rebecca Dean / Deborah Leah
Insight Marketing and Communications
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About Reed Professional Services
Reed PS provide Workforce Management, Business, & IT Consulting services to the top tier of UK industry. As part of the £680m turnover Reed Group, the technology and consulting organisation is established within the UK's foremost provider of workforce management services to industry. Reed PS can point to the success of their IT consulting and workforce operation within such household names as Barclays, Synstar, NAAFI, Cairn Energy, and government organisations such as the National Audit Office.

About Vistorm
Founded in 1991, Vistorm is a specialist in delivering industry leading security solutions. Partnering with leading manufacturers, Vistorm combines specialist Consulting, Technology and Managed Services capabilities to offer a complete portfolio of secure infrastructure services and solutions.

Vistorm believes that a clear information assurance strategy is fundamental to good corporate governance. In today's business environment, stakeholder value can be too easily and often unwittingly damaged by information-based risks. Information capital needs to be compliant, secure, available, reliable and accurate. Without this assurance, there is a real danger of financial loss or damage to reputation.

Vistorm is headquartered in Daresbury, Cheshire with 200 employees nationwide.



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