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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Vistorm launches visual approach to risk management

Oxford, UK, 22nd November 2006: Managed security services provider and Information Assurance specialist Vistorm today launched its Executive Dashboard, giving CXOs a visual approach to risk management. The Executive Dashboard arms businesses with an accurate understanding of the risks they face, enabling organisations to continue to operate safely and successfully.

Vistorm can assess a company's Information Assurance challenges, and recommend the best strategy to enable it to exploit and defend its information capital in the optimum way. With IT security continuing to top the CXO agenda this assessment, or appraisal, promotes a strategic, business-oriented approach to safeguarding an organisation's information assets in a holistic fashion.

The appraisal of people, processes, compliance and technology produces an Executive Dashboard giving executives a snapshot of their organisation's Information Assurance status. Using the results, organisations can then identify what actions they need to take to reduce the risk of misuse, or unauthorised access and disclosure of, commercially sensitive information.

Bob Tarzey, service director at analyst firm Quocirca, said: "Nowadays, risk management needs to be an integral part of enterprise IT security. To be effective, this has got to encompass compliance and governance as well as recognising conventional IT security threats. The sad truth, though, is that too many companies don't assess the overall risks to their assets and face greater business continuity risks than necessary."

Dan Turner, general manager, Vistorm commented: "Businesses operate under a relentless security threat, and its hard to keep track of all the risks faced across an organisation. The larger and more complex a business, the bigger the challenge. Our Information Assurance appraisal uses in-house expertise to answer key questions affecting large organisations on external threats, corporate governance and compliance. "And with our Executive Dashboard, executives can quickly see where dangers lie and how severe they are. Priorities are easy to spot."

The audit's objectives are simple:

* To assess the level of exposure of current procedural and security controls around commercially sensitive information.
* To assess the level of this exposure from internal compromise.
* To assess the awareness and training procedures of employees who access the information.
* To measure the degree of compliance with good practice.


For further information please contact:
Rebecca Dean/Natalie Gross
Insight Marketing and Communications
01625 506416 / 01625 506427

About Vistorm
Founded in 1991, Vistorm is a specialist in delivering industry leading security solutions. Partnering with leading manufacturers, Vistorm combines specialist Consulting, Technology and Managed Services capabilities to offer a complete portfolio of secure infrastructure services and solutions.

Vistorm believes that a clear information assurance strategy is fundamental to good corporate governance. In today's business environment, stakeholder value can be too easily and often unwittingly damaged by information-based risks. Information capital needs to be compliant, secure, available, reliable and accurate. Without this assurance, there is a real danger of financial loss or damage to reputation.

Vistorm is headquartered in Daresbury, Cheshire with 200 employees nationwide.



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