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Wednesday, September 27, 2006
YouGov survey reveals only four per cent of people have had a good experience of call centres

New survey champions the need for UK-based call centres

Fareham, UK, 26th September 2006 - We've all had a bad experience of contacting a call centre, but a YouGov survey released today reveals just how bad the call centre experience really is. The survey, commissioned by Callmedia, the UK's leading developer of contact centre software reveals that only four per cent of people in the UK have had a favourable experience when dealing with a customer call centre, with 44 per cent complaining that their biggest gripe is contacting a call centre based overseas.

The survey also revealed how we hate hanging on waiting for someone to answer our call, or our query not being resolved by the first person we speak to. The survey clearly shows that companies need to take steps to improve the call centre experience for their customers and think twice about outsourcing the service overseas.

Commenting on this survey, Rufus Grig, managing director, Callmedia said: "This research clearly indicates what customers do and don't like. Companies need to make quality customer service a priority and take steps to provide good, consistent and timely service in a bid to increase loyalty and reduce churn. The surprising find from this research is quite the strength of feeling felt by UK consumers against the outsourcing of contact centres overseas."

The survey has also revealed a number of other interesting facts such as:
* When a consumer wants to complain about a product or a service, 42 per cent of respondents prefer to use the phone to ensure that their point is heard
* However, 78 per cent of respondents prefer to buy products online rather than by telephone, email or post
* Respondents' second biggest gripe is being passed from department to department until someone who can answer the specific query is found

Rufus Grig also commented, "Many of the common complaints voiced by consumers in this survey can be solved with the application of relevant technology and with a business commitment to providing good customer service which, in return, delivers customer loyalty."

Callmedia's contact centre software helps solve many of the common problems associated with call centres. Callmedia helps identify customers and types of callers and ensures that they are prioritised correctly and allocated to the most appropriately skilled available agent. It increases the priority of a waiting call so that a customer's wait time is significantly reduced and also helps to ensure that fewer calls are abandoned or lost. It blends inbound and outbound telephony calls with emails, web interactions and mobile SMS messages delivering consistently good service across all channels. It can be easily integrated directly with a variety of business applications so that agents know who is calling and can handle the caller's query more effectively.


YouGov sampled 2,423 adults from across Great Britain for this survey. The survey was conducted online between 18 and 21 August '06. To see the results of this survey in full, please contact Fiona Whyatt on the contact details below.

For further information please contact:

Rebecca Dean/Fiona Whyatt
Insight Marketing
01625 500800

About Callmedia:

Callmedia supplies call and contact centre software designed to help contact centres become more effective and efficient. Solutions include CTI, inbound call handling, outbound call centre management, predictive dialling and multimedia contact centre management where all channels are routed according to the skills sets of available agents and the priorities defined by the user. Callmedia, part of the Azzurri Communications Group, is sold through independent resellers and equipment manufacturers. http://www.callmedia.co.uk


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