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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Frontier Technology helps Simpson & Marwick extend key applications to remote offices with the new the Citrix Access Platform

IT consultant and Citrix specialist, Frontier Technology, was called in to leading Scottish law firm, Simpson & Marwick, in order to help connect its Aberdeen, Dundee and Glasgow offices to the central hub in Edinburgh.

Simpson & Marwick is one of Scotland's leading firms of solicitors, specialising in the defence of civil court actions, including personal injury claims, professional and medical negligence, public and employers' liability and major accidents. Its clients fall primarily in the insurance industry, as well as defence organisations, pharmaceutical companies, oil companies and several well-known professional bodies.

"We called in Frontier Technology to address issues affecting our entire Citrix Infrastructure, which connects our regional offices to the central hub in Edinburgh," explained Simpson & Marwick's IT director, Bill Oliver. "We selected the company because of their proven expertise with Citrix and Microsoft technologies and we were not disappointed by the results."

"Despite the fact that they are London-based and we are up in Scotland, the distance and the associated costs did not cause any problems. The overall investment has been very worthwhile and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others."

Frontier Technology provides consultancy services, design and delivery of secure IT infrastructures that allow businesses to efficiently access and manage all of their IT assets through key solution offerings of Access, Infrastructure and Availability.

Frontier Technology successfully migrated Simpson & Marwick's Citrix infrastructure to Citrix Presentation Server 4.0, implemented new features such as remote scanning and universal printing together with full integration with all of the client's line of business applications. As an integral part of the solution, Frontier also provisioned quality of service management on the remote site communications links to maximise network performance and guarantee Citrix Presentation server performance for remote users.

For advice and further information about Citrix, Frontier Technology provides a consultancy service that will enable you to identify the best means to make the most of your infrastructure. Visit http://www.frontiertechnology.co.uk or call 0845 603 6552.


About Frontier Technology
Frontier Technology is a UK IT consultancy - a premier solutions provider of IT business systems and consultancy services. We focus on Access, Infrastructure and Availability solutions that deliver true competitive advantage and allow business to work smarter. For more information visit http://www.frontiertechnology.co.uk


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