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Monday, June 05, 2006

5 June, 2006 - Mobile working is now a common feature in most companies and remote access to corporate information from anywhere in the world, at anytime, is fast becoming a necessity, but there is more to remote access than simply checking emails - according to IT consultants, Frontier Technology.

"The technologies are developing fast - most of the security concerns have been overcome in recent years and are no longer an issue. The latest devices on the market mean anything is possible," says Frontier Managing Director, Edwin Wong. "But businesses are not being creative with access technology and too often mobile workers merely have access to email and nothing more. We want organisations to start embracing remote access and use their imagination - with secure access to the entire corporate network, the possibilities are endless."

"Now that the security issues surrounding remote access to corporate information are no longer an issue, employees can share files wherever they are in the world securely, making the age of branch offices a thing of the past - every office can now connect to the same network in many ways, working as one. And remote meetings are no longer about conference calls over slow connections with each member working off a different document. Individuals can now share screens and control PowerPoint slides remotely, making costly business travel unnecessary."

In various industries, imaginative use of remote access really can be revolutionary. In healthcare, nurses and health practitioners visiting patients at home can now report directly to a central database via secure remote access. Even patients are now being discharged early, allowing them to check their own vital signs and feeding them back to a central database checked daily by their healthcare provider.

"There are no limitations to how remote access can be used today," concludes Edwin, "the only thing holding organisations back is imagination."

For advice and further information about how to introduce remote access successfully into your organisation, Frontier Technology provides a consultancy service that will enable you to identify the best means to make the most of remote access. Visit http://www.frontiertechnology.co.uk or call 0845 603 6552.


About Frontier Technology
Frontier Technology is a UK IT consultancy providing consultancy services, design and delivery of secure IT infrastructures that allow businesses to efficiently access and manage all their IT assets. This is achieved through Frontier's key service offerings of Access, Infrastructure and Availability.

For more information visit http://www.frontiertechnology.co.uk


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