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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

PrintAnywhere solution enables email attachments to be printed remotely
solving frustration for mobile professionals

March 7, 2006 - PrintAnywhere solves one of the biggest issues for mobile
professionals - the ability to view email attachments or large messages sent
to their Blackberry or PDA. PrintAnywhere is available exclusively through
Premiere Global Services, a global leader in outsourced data communications
and integrated business solutions.

The new offering enables mobile workers to receive and print emails and
attachments directly from their BlackBerry or PDA device via any fax machine
worldwide. PrintAnywhere enables greater efficiency on the road by allowing
a user to view and print important documents when they need them. If a
mobile professional is not able to do this, it can add days to business
processes needing authorisation or signature, such as contract paperwork,
until the user is back in the office or connected to a printer. Business can
be conducted from an airport, a hotel, home, or any other remote site
resulting in higher productivity and increased responsiveness.

Within the first four weeks of launching their PrintAnywhere solution,
Premiere Global Services already has several major enterprises using the

"Our industry is moving increasingly towards wireless solutions," said Simon
Bushell, General Manager, Premiere Global Services UK. "That's why we
developed PrintAnywhere. It is part of our commitment to offer the most
advanced data communications and integrated solutions that enable our
customers to simplify their business processes.

"One of the biggest frustrations for business travellers, especially owners
of wireless email devices like a Blackberry, is finding a way to view and/or
print urgent messages", continued Bushell. "The ability to print emails and
attachments on the spot can reduce turnaround times and enhance productivity
in the field, for example, providing sales professionals or lawyers access
to documents, such as order forms or contracts instantly, enables them to
spend more time with clients and ultimately, close more deals."

PrintAnywhere will print any type of file to any fax machine, from anywhere,
in seconds, without opening the attachment. The user simply forwards an
email to the nearest fax where it is imaged complete with a cover page and
any attachments.

About Premiere Global Services
Premiere Global Services (formerly Xpedite) is a leading global provider of
innovative business communications and data services. Customers use our ASP
platform to process and deliver large quantities of individualised, business
critical information via enhanced Email, Fax, Voice and SMS. Premiere
Global Services offers outsourced document delivery, data capture,
alerts/notifications and campaign marketing solutions that automate
customers' business processes and improve efficiency levels enterprise-wide.
We also offer a full suite of VoIP-based collaboration sessions and
conferencing solutions, including automated, operator-assisted and Web
collaboration services that enable customers to communicate real-time via
our advanced, open standards global conferencing platform.

Premiere Global serves more than 46,000 corporate accounts in nearly every
business sector, throughout 19 countries worldwide. Our corporate
headquarters is located at 3399 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 700, Atlanta, GA

Additional information can be found at http://www.premiereglobal.co.uk or
contact our local office in the United Kingdom on +44 (0)20 7444 0700.

Press Contacts:
Ann Fielder / Kate Smith
Insight Marketing and Communications
+44(0) 208 564 6385 / +44(0) 1625 506 420
afielder@insightmkt.com / ksmith@insightmkt.com


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