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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Security management is key for wireless healthcare

London - 22 March 2006 -- Wireless technology is vastly improving
communications within hospitals and NHS trusts and providing greater levels
of patient care, but healthcare organisations must take control of their
airspace in order to control access to confidential patient information,
according to Red-M, a leading provider of services and products for managing
wireless infrastructure.

Applying Red-M's Total Airspace Management (TAM) approach will provide
healthcare organisations with a robust and secure foundation upon which
wireless installations can be rolled out and by carefully managing their
airspace organisations will be able to detect when and where wireless
devices are in use, allowing them to stop unauthorised attempts to attach to
the network and controlling access to confidential patient data.

United Bristol Healthcare Trust (UBHT) is one healthcare organisation that
has recognised the potential of wireless technology when it is properly
managed. With 7,000 staff across nine different hospitals, UBHT is one of
the largest acute trusts in the country as well as a major teaching and
research centre for the South West. In order to provide the best service
for its 4,000 IT users and 110,000 inpatient and day care admissions, the
trust began installing a series of small closely confined wireless systems
in order to provide specific services for clinicians on the wards and to
overcome the challenge of providing connectivity between the different

The wireless systems have proven successful and there are plans for more
deployments in the future, but UBHT maintains that the success of the
programme depends on careful management of the airspace. Dave Oatway, the
trust's Computer Services Manager said, "At Bristol we have thousands of
people walking around our buildings every single day. Although the vast
majority are law-abiding, we have to protect against the threats we don't
even know are out there."

Andrew Barker, Chief Marketing Officer of Red-M Group, said "All public
environments should treat wireless technology as the fourth utility along
with water, electricity and gas. In the healthcare sector wireless is
proving invaluable for managing patient data, monitoring patients and
communicating between trusts, but with sensitive patient information
involved, it is vital that airspace is carefully managed."

Red-M has implemented wireless systems in more than 300 buildings throughout
the UK, including the busiest airport (Heathrow) and the highest building
(Canary Wharf), as well as shopping malls, manufacturing facilities and
stadia. The company recently completed private equity investment of £5.4m.
"This funding will enable Red-M to accelerate the development of our TAM
services and products, to help more customers make their airspace pay", said
Dave Richmond, Chief Executive Officer, Red-M Group.

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About Red-M Group Ltd
Red-M designs, delivers and manages multi-spectrum wireless infrastructures
in challenging environments, for mission-critical applications. The
company's portfolio of services, delivered using a structured approach known
as Total Airspace Management (TAM), is underpinned by unique software tools
specialist wireless knowledge. Red-M's TAM approach has been applied for
major enterprises, network operators and the public sector. The Red-M Group
was created by the merger of Red-M (Communications) Ltd and CDS Ltd, founded
in 1999 and 1995 respectively. Visit http://www.red-m.com

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Insight Marketing and Communications
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