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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

All businesses should enable remote working in order to prepare for disaster recovery, advises IT consultancy Frontier Technology

8 February, 2006 - Remote working should no longer be considered an employee perk but a business necessity according to IT consultancy, Frontier Technology, who believes that remote working is what sets apart those organisations that continued to operate through the disasters of 2005 including the Hemel Hempstead fires, Hurricane Katrina and the London Bombings.

"Remote working has long been seen as a 'nice to have' by many companies," explains Frontier Technology director, Rafael Khokhar, "but when Hurricane Katrina hit America last year, it actually became a lifeline for many organisations when employees could not physically reach their desks to continue working. Businesses in the UK may think that a hurricane is not really an issue but one in five organisations are hit by some form of disaster every year and every disconnected hour equates to hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost productivity. Enabling employees to access the information they need 24x7, without fail, is therefore essential."

Frontier suggests that all organisations should follow five steps to develop a business continuity contingency plan:
- Analyse your business
- Assess the risks
- Develop a strategy
- Develop a business continuity plan
- Rehearse the plan on a regular basis

"Part of a business continuity strategy should involve identifying essential functions and those individuals responsible for them," continues Khokhar. "Those people should then be given secure remote access to all business information they are authorised to access. Working from another site may be an option but this is an expensive approach and for smaller organisations this simply isn't possible, so it is important that those key individuals have flexible access to connect to the company infrastructure from anywhere in the world."

Authorised access to information is not the only consideration in today's climate of real-time collaboration. Businesses should also have the technology in place to enable individuals to hold online meetings when getting together face-to-face is not possible - the appropriate communication services should be available to all individuals and security controls implemented to avoid further disasters caused by malicious attacks.


About Frontier Technology
Frontier Technology is a UK IT consultancy providing consultancy services, design and delivery of secure IT infrastructures that allow businesses to access and manage all their IT assets with the minimal effort. This is achieved through Frontier's key service offerings of mobility, remote access, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

For more information visit http://www.frontiertechnology.co.uk


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