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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Taking control of more than just bricks and mortar

London - 14 February 2006 -- By taking control of the wireless activity in
the airspace in and around your buildings, and then offering it as a service
to other organisations and individuals, you can rapidly create competitive
advantage and a revenue-generating asset for your business says Red-M Group,
a leading provider of services and products for managing wireless

Applying Red-M's Total Airspace Management (TAM) approach will provide
commercial property developers, landlords and tenants with the strategic
framework and solutions needed to design, implement and manage today's
complex and challenging multi-spectrum wireless environments.

British Land is one of the first property owners in the country to recognise
that wireless technology requires active management if it is to be an asset
rather than a liability. With 1.4m square feet of retail space, 270 tenants
and more than 25 million visitors a year, Meadowhall is a dynamic, busy
community that would be negatively affected by ad-hoc wireless expansion.

Mark Higgins, British Land's Head of Retail Technology and Head of IT at
Meadowhall said, "We want to protect the technology investment that
retailers and ourselves have already made at Meadowhall and maximise the
opportunity to use wireless technologies for competitive advantage.
Offering wireless services to customers who, in turn, benefit from an
enhanced shopping experience could generate new revenues. Retailers also
benefit from wireless technologies through improved, more efficient
operations and increased systems flexibility."

Andrew Barker, Chief Marketing Officer of Red-M Group, said "All public
environments should treat wireless technology as the fourth utility along
with water, electricity and gas. Modern 'always-on' consumers want mobile
access wherever they go, which is why wireless is such a fast growing
technology. In the retail environment, we have wireless security cameras,
location-based marketing, personalised mobile TV, broadband and
machine-to-machine communications. With all this wireless activity going on
in the air around us, airspace has become a valuable asset that needs to be

Red-M has implemented wireless systems in more than 300 buildings throughout
the UK, including the busiest airport (Heathrow) and the highest building
(Canary Wharf), as well as shopping malls, manufacturing facilities and
stadia. The company recently completed private equity investment of £5.4m.
"This funding will enable Red-M to accelerate the development of our TAM
services and products, to help more customers make their airspace pay", said
Dave Richmond, Chief Executive Officer, Red-M Group.

-- Ends --

About British Land
British Land is a property investment company listed on the London Stock
Exchange, investing in prime, modern properties. The company's portfolio is
valued at £12.5 billion: the majority is directly owned and managed; the
balance is held in joint ventures and partnerships. Visit

About Red-M Group Ltd
Red-M designs, delivers and manages multi-spectrum wireless infrastructures
in challenging environments, for mission-critical applications. The
company's portfolio of services, delivered using a structured approach known
as Total Airspace Management (TAM), is underpinned by unique software tools
specialist wireless knowledge. Red-M's TAM approach has been applied for
major enterprises, network operators and the public sector. The Red-M Group
was created by the merger of Red-M (Communications) Ltd and CDS Ltd, founded
in 1999 and 1995 respectively. Visit http://www.red-m.com

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Ann Fielder / Kate Smith
Insight Marketing and Communications
0208 564 6385 / 01625 506 420
afielder@insightmkt.com / ksmith@insightmkt.com


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