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Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Nerex.com bets safe with Webscreen Technology

Website hosting company protects its customers with DDoS solution from Webscreen Technology

Leeds, UK - 13th December 2005 - Leading IT security provider, Webscreen Technology today announced a contract, to supply distributed denial of service (DDoS) security to website hosting company Nerex.com. By working with Webscreen, Nerex.com can assure that users of the many online casino, poker and gambling sites can play and bet online with confidence and without the threat of their experience being hijacked by a DDoS attack.

The online gaming industry is under constant threat, with companies receiving mafia style extortion threats on a daily basis. In particular, Nerex.com's customers have experienced up to three attacks a week, threatening to take down customer sites if they don't surrender and hand over the protection money.

"We needed to find a straight forward solution to a very complex problem. The Webscreen solution offered protection that other DDoS solutions simply didn't match. With Webscreen we were assured that our service would still be able to run even under the most vicious attack and every customer would be protected at all times, "explains Tim McNally, director, Nerex.com. "The Webscreen team has helped me sleep better at night."

If emails demanding money do not work, attackers bombard the website with millions of requests that it simply cannot process. If unprotected, the effect that these attacks can have on sites can be devastating and will ultimately lead to loss of revenue and reputation.

Robin Hill, vice president of sales at Webscreen comments: "With the Webscreen DDoS solution, these threats still happen, but the gaming sites can trade with confidence that nothing can happen and therefore don't have to pay the money."
A failover pair of Webscreen Denial Of Service mitigation appliances were implemented at Nerex.com's secure hosting centre, to examine all traffic entering and leaving the site. The Webscreen WS100 is the world's most advanced defence against DDoS attacks. It is a network layer intrusion prevention device, specifically architected to prevent outage due to network layer attack. Generally deployed between the Internet and the Firewall , the heart of Webscreen is it's multiphase packet inspection engine, known as CHARM, which makes use of an anomaly based heuristic algorithm to prevent outages and reduced service due to network layer events.

"The Webscreen team understood our position completely and provided us with a solution to match our customers requirements. They have been incredibly supportive and we are extremely happy with the service we receive. Our clients customers can now play and bet with uninterrupted service," concludes McNally. "Without this DDoS protection there is no way we could sustain our market position. This product sets us apart from the competition."

Rebecca Dean
Insight Marketing and Communications
01625 500800
rdean@insightmkt.com <mailto:rdean@insightmkt.com>

About Webscreen Technology

Webscreen Technology (<http://www.webscreen-technology.com>) is a manufacturer and distributor of Webscreen. Based in Leeds, Webscreen was founded in July 2001 and currently concentrates on the UK and US market but has plans to take Webscreen into Europe and Asia Pacific.

Webscreen is the world's most advanced defence against Network Integrity attacks. Using its patented CHARM technology, the WS100 will ensure that genuine users/customers of the website always have access while attack traffic is dropped. Unlike conventional IPS systems, Webscreen uses heuristic algorithms to detect Network Integrity attacks. Webscreen looks at the nature of the access rather than their exact signature, so an update is not required every time a new Network Integrity attack tool is developed.
Webscreen is installed inline, between the DMZ containing an organization's web servers and its connection to the Internet backbone. Typically the Webscreen device will be installed in front of any fire walls, load balancers or bandwidth shapers so that it can protect them from denial of service, high traffic overloads, and other problems which may result in denial of service.
The Webscreen product continually monitors the performance of the web servers it is protecting, and when their performance begins to degrade, it begins to prioritise the incoming and outgoing traffic based on the history, patterns of use and other information using a dynamic and heuristic algorithm called CHARM. In this way Webscreen is able to degrade performance of the protected web servers intelligently and gracefully under heavy load or denial of service attack, allowing the maximum possible of highest priority requests to be serviced while blocking malicious and lower priority traffic.
More information and product pricing available from Webscreen Technology on: 0870 3890044
Webscreen Technology
Beaconsfield Court
LS25 1QH
info@webscreen-technology.com <mailto:info@webscreen-technology.com>


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