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Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Insight takes on Frontier Technology

Insight wins PR and marketing account for Frontier Technology

Manchester, 13 December 2005: Insight marketing and communications today announced a new addition to its portfolio of technology clients, after winning the PR and marketing contract for IT consultants, Frontier Technology (http://www.frontiertechnology.co.uk).

The company, which specialises in designing and delivering secure IT infrastructures to enable businesses to access and manage their IT assets, hired Insight to help raise the profile of the relatively new business, within the IT and vertical trade press, following a complete company rebranding. From the outset, Insight has been heavily involved in the development of clear corporate messaging and the production of branding marketing collateral.

Moving forward, Insight has planned a detailed media relations campaign, designed to promote Frontier as an authority in the areas of mobility, remote access, disaster recovery and business continuity. Ann Fielder, the Insight account director responsible for the Frontier campaign, explained: "Frontier is very proud of the breadth of IT experience its consultants share. We really want to emphasise this and aim to create a steady stream of news releases and topical feature articles that establish the Frontier brand in the trade press."

Insight was also hired to help promote Frontier's software offering, Frontier Authenticator, which provides secure access to an organisation's online applications. Frontier co-founder, Edwin Wong, commented: "Insight's technology background made them ideally placed to promote our products and services because they have a good grasp of complex high tech issues. We look forward to working with them to promote our software and our technology consultancy services."


About Insight Marketing and Communications
Specialising in the hi-tech and telecomms industries, Insight Marketing & Communications Limited was established in 1991 and has offices in Manchester, central London and Heathrow. Insight has grown to become a major force amongst marketing communications and public relations consultancies. It has a client list representing all sectors of the technology industry both in the UK and in Europe including Azzurri, Hewlett-Packard and SystemHost, as well as a range of other software companies, systems integrators and vertical market application providers.


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