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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
Zen Internet announce 8Mbps ADSL trial

09 November 2005 - Internet Service Provider (ISP) Zen Internet is pleased to announce its participation in the latest stages of BT's high speed ADSL trials. The IP Stream Max trial will see connection speeds of up to 8Mbps - four times faster than BT's existing ADSL service. The trial begins on 30th November 2005.

Stephen Proctor, broadband product manager, Zen Internet commented: "We are in the business of providing the best possible services to our customers. The opportunity to work alongside BT in trialling this project will mean that our customers can be assured of a future high speed service."

Phil D. Long, technical support manager, Zen Internet added: "Zen's ongoing mission is to maintain our standing as the leading Business ISP for quality, customer service and reliability. Being involved with this trial should help us to continue to do this."

IP Stream Max is a Rate Adaptive product, which means it will provide the maximum synchronised line rate possible. This could see customers currently stuck on 0.5 or 1Mbps being capable of up to 1.5 or 2Mbps (or more) through IP Stream Max.

ZenADSL customers will be invited to join a trial of BT's IP Stream Max product, offering download speeds of up to 8Mbps and faster upload speeds. Initially, the trial will take place in 25 BT exchanges located in Greater London, Strathclyde, South Glamorgan, Cornwall and Northern Ireland. The total number of exchanges involved in the trial is expected to rise to 53 over the course of the trial.


About Zen Internet:

Established in 1995, and one of the first ISPs in the UK, Zen Internet provides a full range of high quality services to the home and business user, from the latest in high speed DSL Broadband Internet access and complete hosting packages to state of the art Web site design and e-commerce solutions. Zen Internet are recent winners of the ISPA Best Light Business Broadband award in 2005, and won the PC Pro Best Broadband award in 2004.

For further information:

Fiona Whyatt / Natalie Gross
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