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Monday, November 14, 2005

Hantro joins ACCESS' Advanced Alliance Partner program, making their
multi-format player readily available for integration into the NetFront web
browser. The integrated solution brings tru multi-format multi-media
capability to a multitude of embedded devices.

Alliance Delivers Browser and Multi-Format Multimedia Solution for Embedded

Oulu, Finland - November 14th 2005 - As wireless bandwidths increase and
internet connectivity from handheld devices becomes commonplace, an immense
quantity and variety of video content formatted for the small screen is
becoming freely accessible. Enabling this content to be easily viewed on a
multitude of embedded devices, Hantro announced today that they have joined
ACCESS' Advanced Alliance Partner program, making their multi-format player
readily available for integration into the NetFront(tm) web browser.
Supporting MPEG-4, H.263 and H.264/AVC video, along with AMR-NB and aacPlus
audio formats, the integrated solution brings true multi-format multi-media
capability to a multitude of embedded devices.

Designed for mobile, Hantro's player brings optimal performance to
resource-limited environments where CPU load and power consumption are
primary concerns. The software decoders are available fully optimized for
ARM based designs and are complemented by a complete suite of pre- and post
processing technologies that further enhance the user experience. A common
codec API design means that NetFront, with Hantro's player embedded, can
easily utilise the additional benefits of increased performance, minimal CPU
load and power consumption that Hantro's hardware codecs bring when
available in the device's application or baseband processor.

"We are pleased that Hantro has joined ACCESS' Advanced Alliance Partner
program and ported their technology to NetFront," said Toru Arakawa,
President and CEO of ACCESS. "As multimedia capability becomes a
pre-requisite for Internet enabled embedded devices, Hantro's hardware and
software based solutions in combination with NetFront browser will ensure
that our customers will be able to maximise the opportunities that this
dynamic market presents."

"Through the Access Advanced Alliance Partner Program we are providing a
high performance and proven multimedia solution for wireless devices," said
Eero Kaikkonen, President and CEO of Hantro "Fully compliant with 3gpp
standards, Hantro's embedded player and ACCESS' NetFront browser provides an
excellent solution to bring multimedia capability to mobile handsets."

The embedded player for NetFront can be seen later this month on Hantro's
booth (#1103-04) at 3G World Congress in Hong Kong 14th - 18th November, at
Embedded Technology 2005 in Pacifico Yokohama 16th - 18th November and, at
the private ACCESS Day event held at the Tokyo Westin Hotel on November 22.

About NetFront Browser
NetFront browser recently surpassed 195 million deployments globally
representing 650 unique devices ranging from mobile phones and PDAs to
digital televisions, gaming consoles, and automobile telematics systems from
major Internet device manufacturers. NetFront supports a wider range of
operating systems than any competing browser including solutions for Palm®
OS, Symbian OS, Linux OS, Microsoft® Windows® Mobile/PocketPC and mobile
handset environments like BREW®. NetFront browser technology is used by the
world's leading mobile operators, software providers and electronics
manufacturers including Adobe, Alpine, Amoi, AT&T Wireless, Casio, Epson,
Hitachi, Hutchinson 3G Group, IBM, KDDI, NEC, NTT DoCoMo, Mitsubishi,
palmOne, PalmSource, Samsung, SANYO, Sharp, Sony, Telcel Venezuela, TCL,
Toshiba, UTStarcom and more.

About ACCESS Advanced Alliance Partner Program
Companies involved in the development of Internet devices in the mobile and
beyond-PC market face many complex challenges including finding the right
technology partners. ACCESS established the ACCESS Advanced Alliance partner
program to ease these challenges and to provide quick access to an alliance
of over 45 partner companies that provide advanced solutions for the mobile
and beyond-PC market, including system integration partners, operating
systems partners, semiconductor partners, as well as security technology
partners and content partners.

About Hantro
Hantro is a world leader in multimedia technology for mobile handsets.
Provided as intellectual property and delivering optimal value and
performance, Hantro's product portfolio includes: -

A complete range of hardware and software video codec designs that support
MPEG-4, H.263, H.264/AVC and VC-1 formats up to SDTV resolutions
JPEG still-image codecs supporting up to 16MP
AMR and aacPlus audio codecs
A comprehensive suite of pre- and post-processing technologies
Streaming protocols
File format module for .mp4 /.3gp
Multimedia application development platform that simplifies handset
integration, shortens lead times and reduces development costs.
A full range of integration and support services for OS and device porting.

With proprietary algorithms, patented technology and a continual product
development program, Hantro is focused on enabling a more compelling user
experience by delivering better quality video with reduced power consumption
and CPU load. Extensive participation in the IMTC and M4IF testing programs
guarantees compliance with 3GPP standards ensuring the full interoperability
of applications such as: Camcorder, Video Player, Video Telephony and Mobile
TV. For more information please visit http://www.hantro.com

ACCESS is a global provider of mobile content delivery and Internet access
technologies to the beyond-PC market. Its NetFront browser, widely
recognized as one of the most advanced Internet browsers in the world, is a
cornerstone to the company's vision of making the ubiquitous Internet a
reality. NetFront technologies are delivering full Internet browsing and
related services to next-generation mobile devices and consumer electronics
ranging from digital TV to automobile telematics. For more information:
http://www.access.co.jp or http://www.access-us-inc.com.


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