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Thursday, October 13, 2005
Webscreen Technology under new ownership

Announcing their takeover of Webscreen Technology, the new board of directors today pledged to make Webscreen the most effective network integrity appliance on the market - and the world's most powerful defence against malicious DDoS attacks.

Bringing renewed focus on the UK market, the experienced management team is led by Robin Hill who is responsible for driving the sales and marketing strategy of the company. Some of the worlds most high profile mission critical web sites are already benefiting from using Webscreen to protect their online revenues including Circuit City, About.com, and Tower Records.

"It is exciting to be in control of the manufacture and distribution of such a critical network component. With a mature customer list already, we have an excellent platform to build on and we are confident that Webscreen is the most effective way for organisations to protect their online assets," said Robin Hill, Vice President, Sales. "Since taking over the business, we have put significant resource into product development and the next version release is set to further strengthen our proposition to the enterprise and ISP sector."

Webscreen protects the integrity of an online infrastructure by monitoring all incoming traffic and scoring each user with its multiphase packet inspection engine, known as CHARM. This makes use of an anomaly based heuristic algorithm to prevent outages and reduced service due to network layer events.

The patented CHARM technology creates a measure of how much Webscreen trusts a packet. If a packet has a high CHARM score, Webscreen is more likely to let it pass through. The moment site performance drops below a pre-defined threshold, Webscreen drops the malicious traffic while allowing the legitimate traffic to pass unabated.

Unlike competitor products, Webscreen does not use signature technology making it incredibly effective at mitigating unknown 'Day Zero' exploits. Furthermore, due to Webscreen's architecture it is elegantly simple to install and provides a very low management overhead.

"Many of our customers use Webscreen as the first line of defence within a layered security architecture. It is widely recognised that a multivendor, multi operating system approach is far more robust than a single device. The Webscreen customer supports this philosophy over an all in one, wonder box type approach," continued Hill.

Webscreen's reach transcends many market sectors but is more commonly found protecting online retailers; payment service providers, web hosting companies, Internet service providers, and public sector organisations. Over the next twelve months Webscreen is looking to grow its market share via its relationships with systems integrators, resellers and other channel partners.

Stuart Watkins, sales director at IT security provider and major Webscreen channel partner GGR Communications said: "We have witnessed Webscreen's effectiveness many times and it is clearly a proven technology. Based on the current market and with our managed service we hope to increase our Webscreen sales by 65% over the next fiscal year. Robin understands how important it is to be able to offer reliable and effective solutions to our customers and Webscreen delivers on all counts. We are confident that we will continue to work closely to take our Webscreen service to market."

Rebecca Dean / Saffron Johnston
Insight Marketing and Communications
01625 500800

About Webscreen Technology

Webscreen Technology (http://www.webscreen-technology.com) is a manufacturer and distributor of Webscreen. The company was founded in July 2001 and currently concentrates on the UK and US market but has plans to take Webscreen into Europe and Asia Pacific. The new management team includes directors from sister company and channel partner Boxing Orange (http://www.boxingorange.co.uk).

Webscreen is the world's most advanced defence against Network Integrity attacks. Using its patented CHARM technology, the WS100 will ensure that genuine users/customers of the website always have access while attack traffic is dropped. Unlike conventional IPS systems, Webscreen uses heuristic algorithms to detect Network Integrity attacks. Webscreen looks at the nature of the access rather than their exact signature, so an update is not required every time a new Network Integrity attack tool is developed.
Webscreen is installed inline, between the DMZ containing an organization's web servers and its connection to the Internet backbone. Typically the Webscreen device will be installed in front of any fire walls, load balancers or bandwidth shapers so that it can protect them from denial of service, high traffic overloads, and other problems which may result in denial of service.
The Webscreen product continually monitors the performance of the web servers it is protecting, and when their performance begins to degrade, it begins to prioritise the incoming and outgoing traffic based on the history, patterns of use and other information using a dynamic and heuristic algorithm called CHARM. In this way Webscreen is able to degrade performance of the protected web servers intelligently and gracefully under heavy load or denial of service attack, allowing the maximum possible of highest priority requests to be serviced while blocking malicious and lower priority traffic.
More information and product pricing available from Webscreen Technology on: 0870 3890044 or info@webscreen-technology.com <mailto:info@webscreen-technology.com>


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