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Thursday, February 10, 2005
Zen Internet launches ZenADSL Home 2000 - the latest in high-speed broadband technology for the home user
the latest in high-speed broadband technology for the home user

10 February 2005 – Internet Service Provider (ISP), Zen Internet is pleased to announce the official launch of ZenADSL Home 2000. This launch follows a highly successful trial in conjunction with BT Wholesale. The latest broadband service, with a download speed of 2Mbps, will be on sale from today (10 February) at £38.29 per month (plus VAT) with an activation fee of £50 (plus VAT). The three-month trial has also proved very popular with many existing customers who have taken the opportunity to upgrade to the latest addition to the ZenADSL Home range.

The new ‘self install’ product is aimed at the more demanding first time broadband user and addresses the needs of customers in the consumer market who may be looking to upgrade to a higher bandwidth product. ZenADSL Home 2000, with the extra speed and bandwidth, is ideal for single or multiple family users, teleworkers and small-office businesses, by providing greater speed at a more affordable price.

The increased bandwidth will enable even faster downloads, allow speedy downloading of more than one item at a time, or downloading of an item without it being detrimental to the browsing experience. As an example of the speed of this service, it is up to eight times faster than ZenADSL Home 250, which is Zen’s entry-level service for family users and a step-up from the restrictions of a dial-up connection.

“As broadband usage and take up continues to grow, the requirement for higher bandwidth services increases.
More businesses than ever before are considering remote working for their employees, which will require high bandwidth connectivity into the home and ZenADSL Home 2000 is the ideal solution” said Stephen Warburton, Commercial Manager of Zen Internet.

Zen Internet offers a range of broadband Internet packages for both home and business users. These packages range from Zen Home 250, which is the ideal package for home users looking to experience low-cost, unrestricted Internet access for the first time to Zen ADSL Office 2000, which is a top of the range business solution that removes dial-up speed restrictions and can download documents up to 40 times faster than a standard dial-up modem.

About Zen Internet:

Established in 1995, and one of the first ISPs in the UK, Zen Internet provides a full range of high quality services to the home and business user, from the latest in high speed DSL Broadband Internet access and complete hosting packages to state of the art Web site design and e-commerce solutions.

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