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Wednesday, February 09, 2005
See the 6130 Hardware H.264 / AVC Decoder on the Hantro Booth at
3GSM World Congress 2005 (Hall 2, Booth D6)

Oulu, Finland – 9th February 2005

Adding to their comprehensive range of leading software and hardware video technology, Hantro today announced a new hardware decoder for ARM AMBA based bus SoC designs.

The 6130 is H.264 / AVC Baseline profile compatible and has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of multimedia streaming and TV applications in mobile handsets. Supporting playback resolutions of QVGA and CIF at up to 30 frames per second, the decoder integrates processing intensive functions into a hardware acceleration module.

Reducing CPU load by a factor of 4 in a typical operating scenario, Hantro’s new decoder provides the performance and power savings that are needed to ensure the success of emergent applications such as mobile TV.

“The demand for TV applications in mobile devices is increasing dramatically and we have developed this product to enable our customers to respond quickly” says Eero Kaikkonen, President and CEO of Hantro “by providing a cost effective migration path, the 6130 will act as a natural stepping stone towards our multi-format solutions for our customers.”

6130 Decoder main features:

- H.264/AVC Baseline compatible
- Resolution support up to D1
- Performance in typical ARM9 based AMBA SoC: Up to CIF, 30fps decoding
- Compatible with DVB-H and DMB specifications and with 3GPP release 6
- ~120kGates silicon area, TSMC 0.13um process
- Can be licensed individually or as part of Hantro’s Multimedia Engine solution

About Hantro
Focused on mobile, Hantro is committed to continually advancing video enabling technology to deliver capabilities that exceed the expectations of the marketplace. As the leading provider of hardware and software based MPEG4/H.263 and H.264 video solutions specifically tailored for handheld devices, Hantro is uniquely positioned to provide technology solutions for silicon providers, device manufacturers and network operators. For more information please visit www.hantro.com
Press Contact:
Tony Hope
Hantro Products Oy
+358 (0)8 8156 300

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