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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Access to gaming files from GamersHell.com just got quicker thanks to Zen Internet
19th January 05 - Zen Internet, one of the UK’s leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs) has helped GamersHell.com (www.gamershell.com) to exceed 300,000 downloads in a single day. Zen Internet is providing a 1Gbps connection to the world’s most popular download location for gaming files to cope with the site’s phenomenal demand for downloads.

GamersHell.com is an online gaming magazine that focuses on games for all of the various gaming platforms. This unique site offers gamers the latest in news, media, downloads, reviews and other exclusives such as previews, developer interviews and hardware reviews. Visitors to GamersHell.com are able to choose which ISP to use to download their chosen game, preview or patch.

“By partnering with GamersHell.com, we can provide fast access for customers wanting to download the latest in game demos, patches and previews,” said James Blessing, Product Development, Zen Internet. He continues: “In fact, on the first day of service, our connection went from 0 to 100Mbps, so we had to upgrade to a 1Gbps connection in order to cope with the demand.”

“Our site feeds gaming fanatics with all they need to know about the gaming industry, and allows gamers to download the latest and greatest games available on the market. Gamers are keen to get their hands on gaming files as quickly as possible, so we are delighted to be partnering with Zen Internet,” said Razekiel Heath, CTO, GamersHell.com.

He continued: “Zen Internet frequently tops ADSLguide.org’s 512Kbps speed test rankings, making it consistently one of the fastest ISPs in the UK, so the ISP is a welcome addition to our current list of service providers. It will enhance our users’ experience when visiting our site allowing them to access games more quickly.”

In order to become one of the UK’s fastest ISPs, Zen Internet has made a significant investment in its technological infrastructure and technical teams in order for its customers and visitors to GamersHell.com to be able to download their required information or games as quickly as possible.


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Insight Marketing & Communications
Tel: 01625 500800

About GamersHell.com:

GamersHell.com is the world's largest independent gaming Web site that provides news, reviews, and file downloads to over 50 million users a year completely free.

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