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Monday, November 15, 2004
Bolton Mountain Rescue Team realise the benefits of broadband
15 November 2004 - Rochdale-based Internet Service Provider (ISP), Zen Internet has just come to the aid of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team (BMRT) by providing the organisation with a free broadband connection. The team aims to use this fast, always-on connection to provide real-time information from the field to its control centre and base. In addition, the broadband connection will allow the team to use e-mail or update their Web site whilst leaving the base phone line free to receive calls from other emergency services and the public.

BMRT’s Web site is extremely active and is updated almost daily. The site is an extremely useful resource for senior ambulance, fire and police officers and of course those interested in the team. Members of the press often visit it as an information source after an incident. BMRT also use the Internet a great deal to download mapping information and weather reports prior to starting a search, so the ability to send, receive and access vital information as quickly as possible had become extremely important to the team.

“As we began to realise how valuable the Internet and our Web site had become to our rescue team, we knew we needed to upgrade from our existing 56K dial-up connection to broadband,” said Dave Healey, communications officer, Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

He continued: “Zen Internet has helped us immensely by offering us a free broadband connection. This allows us to free up the money we were using for our dial-up connection to assist with the day-to-day running costs of the BMRT. As our only funding comes from public donations, this is an enormous benefit to us.”

“When we discovered that BMRT needed a broadband connection, we didn’t hesitate to offer our services,” said Richard Tang, managing director, Zen Internet. “The faster connection and download speeds that broadband provides will be a real asset to the team’s operational capabilities, allowing them to carry on their good work more efficiently.”

BMRT’s primary role is to provide a voluntary search and rescue service for the West Pennine Moors. In addition to helping search for missing or injured hill walkers or people involved in Moorland related accidents. The team has also been on the scene to help with incidents such as air or hang glider crashes. The Team also assists the police in missing person searches and the ambulance service in difficult to reach casualties BMRT is a key resource for the emergency services and the team’s specialist skills are recognised and respected by Greater Manchester Police, Lancashire Constabulary, Greater Manchester Ambulance Service, Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service & Lancashire Ambulance Service who all frequently utilise BMRT to help in search and rescue operations.

Zen Internet offers a range of broadband Internet packages for both home and business users. These packages range from Zen Home 250, which is the ideal package for home users looking to experience low-cost, unrestricted Internet access for the first time to Zen ADSL office 2000, which is a top of the range business solution that removes dial-up speed restrictions and can download documents up to 40 times faster than a standard dial-up modem.

Fiona Whyatt/ Natalie Gross
Insight Marketing & Communications
Tel: 01625 500800

About Zen Internet:

Established in 1995, and one of the first ISPs in the UK, Zen Internet provides a full range of high quality services to the home and business user, from the latest in high speed DSL Broadband Internet access and complete hosting packages to state of the art Web site design and e-commerce solutions.

About Bolton Mountain Rescue Team:
Founded in 1968, the Team has grown from its small beginnings to be one of the busiest and best equipped teams in the North West. Its services are utilised by all of the statutory 999 services in the Greater Manchester and Lancashire areas. From the early days of 7 Incidents per year, to the 102 incidents in 2003 and the current 84 in 2004, Bolton Monutain Rescue Team continues ‘saving lives in wild and remote places’.

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